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Images. Communicate & Enhance.

Image Architecture™ your source for Custom Pages

Concepts, Design, Illustrations & Typography

telling the full range of personal and public stories.


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XY+Z = Objects & Spaces

Objective Purrsuits™ is about favorite ‘things’

expressive & functional artifacts & habitats.

We MAKE Utility & Style Occupy Criteria & Budget.

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Timescapes. Capture Ideas & Emotion.

Ourglasz™ Canning & Container snares Time

Sound. Motion. Space. Storytelling.

delivering to stages, cinemas, home screens

and smart phones alike.

Black Box Shows Stills & Clips. Connect to Collaborate or Create New.



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Image Architecture is 2D

Two Dimensional Arts give the human imagination a gateway into the tangible world.

Drawing, Painting, Photography, Illustration and Graphic Design are the modern dialects of visual and organizational languages developed and used to create our ancient cave painting ancestors.

Image Architecture is powered by these fundamental Elements of Art and Principles of Design, harnessing and putting them to work for You with both traditional and contemporary tools.

Browse the Gallery pages to find the adaptable image, individual original work or creative design service that can bring your specific search to its desired outcome. Make the Connection to turn your unique idea into ARTifact.



Objective Purrsuits™ is 3D

Three dimensional Arts and objective expression, in the physical world of X (width), Y (height) and Z (depth) are about making tools and developing techniques to take objective ideas off the wall or designer’s page, and give them symbolic, representational and/or purely functional form.

Purrsuits™ is the outgrowth of a hands-on lifetime engaged in giving physical presence to ideas with varying size, shape and functional requirements; working with wood forever, glass for twenty years, and more recently in soft stone and steel.

Tour the categorized Galleries to find unique object solutions, expressions, as well as design and production services. Make the Connection to describe and begin turning Your Idea into ARTifact.



Ourglasz C & C is 4D

Four dimensional Timescapes are sounds, motions, active spaces and memories captured by artists in imaginative containers, from words read off a white page through live, synthetic and virtual realities constructed from the same descriptions.

OurglaszTM C&C distills 50 years making Timescapes with Comedy, Drama, singing, dancing, curtains, cameras and computers, across stages and screens of all kinds and sizes.

Here you can access that experience and harness Time in any and all these ways to draw attention and focus to your ideas and information with passion, dispassion or an evocative mix.

Connect to Collaborate or Create New.

Enter the North Star Stage to see Stills & Clips.


Robert A. Cormier Mural

An LHS Art Club Project for the Leominster Public Library, Leominster, Massachusetts, commemorating the life, craft and inspiration of a hometown hero, a world renowned writer of Young Adult Fiction.

Feature Coming Soon.

From the Jersey Side

Open Call Project Announcement

You will find the history of From the Jersey Side©TM on page 3 of the Script. The full length ‘book’ is in the Library. You are, here and now, earnestly invited to read it and encouraged to participate in this project. [ Learn More …]