2D = Image Architecture

Human hands and minds evolved the Two Dimensional Arts as the means to capture and translate an individual’s real but intangible thoughts, questions, guesses at answers and ideas, into immediately visible representations that could be purposefully shown and shared with others.

Image ArchitectureTM is both a long standing Trade Name and a twenty-first century process employed to capture and translate ideas into visual representations of many types, for an equally broad range of purposes.

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Kirk Robert Paulson, M.AEd






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“Since acquiring the capacity for reflective thought, analysis and decision-making, as add-ons to the innate and inherent animal instinctive ‘fight or flight’ survival mechanisms, human thinking has produced a steady stream of ‘alternative’ ideas and answers to every survival, as well as existential question. And Poof. Twenty-First Century Global un-Civil-ization.” KRPaulson