“Every picture tells a story, don’t it!” the Classic rock song of the same name says. ‘A thousand  words or more, however y’take or slice’m!’ is what Paulson aims to contain in his ‘lensed’ and processed photos. Still and ‘movie’ Cameras, film to digital, are at the core of Kirk Paulson’s unique professional imaging arsenal, and have been for 50 years

Today’s camera-phones insure our snapshots and ‘selfies’ are accurately exposed to an awesome degree. That doesn’t insure a good picture. Taking useful, meaningful pictures, purposefully, is about light and ‘situation sensitive’ seeing skills, preparation and positioning, not equipment. Though it never hurts t’have’a’Cam that shoots lots’a frames fast, or a little luck. Or knowing PhotoShop..

Sometimes you want a fresh perspective, different eyes or need someone else to take the pictures because you’re in them. .

Make the Connection. Use the Form to describe the kind or purpose of the photographs you need, from portraits to processes, fact to fantasy and begin transforming idea into ARTifact.


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