3D = Objective Purrsuits™

Objective Purrsuits™ is the outgrowth of Paulson’s lifetime engagement in giving physical presence, utility and beauty to ideas with space requirementsin every size; working wood forever, glass for twenty years, and more recently in soft stone and metals.

Enjoy touring OP’s various 3D Galleries to find unique objects, solutions, representations & expressions, as well as design and production services. Contact Us if you see something you’d like to own.

Make the Connection to describe and upload reference materials and we’ll begin collaborating to turn idea into ARTifact.

3D Galleries

Concept Development & Design

Objects & Sculpture

Furniture & Displays

Sets Props & Environments

DIY Architecture

Human minds and hands developed three dimensional arts long before discovering charred sticks and color unlocked ˜abstract and imaginary’ 2D space. The world is physical, tactile and competitive. We make Tools Objects and Structures that we need and want to secure, manage and adorn our places in it.