DIY Architecture

Our ‘jigsaw puzzle’ lives need to make full use of the unique interior, exterior and mobile spaces we inhabit or employ, to best suit and serve the functional or fanciful purposes we require of them.

These samples of recent problem solving, prototype constructions are demonstrations of Paulson’s thorough analytical and design processes, which lead to efficient DIY construction and satisfying, functional end results.

Make the Connection to begin the conversation and get help with ‘that space’ You need to fill and utilize. Use the Form to describe Your concepts in detail and upload pictures or reference so we can begin turning idea into ARTifact.

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DIY Architecture


ATTENTION:  HOME and BUSINESS OWNERS, CONTRACTORS & RE-MODELERS. Make the Connection to develop concepts, plans, images and construction schedules. Use the Form to describe and upload reference materials for the small or large scale architectural project you have in mind and together we’ll turn idea into ARTifact.