This Scots tinged brand rose from Paulson’s personal passion for the elemental magic captured in this material. Almost as ancient as fire itself, glass making is at the expressive and utilitarian core of human development and civilization.

This imagery shows discoveries made along an adventurer’s path to become a practicing artisan. He began glass work mid-career, armed with a painter’s sense of color, a sculptor’s feel for gravity and shape, plus a cinematographer’s eye familiar with capturing kaleidoscopic colored light in sharp focus from life’s constant motion.

Every piece is a world of its own drawing from its surroundings. Still pictures do spare justice to the colorful deliberate and accidental interaction taking place within and between gläskirk lens-objects and Your eye. And there are uncounted avenues of form and function remaining to explore.

 Make the Connection to describe and upload references for the glass object(s) you have in mind and we’ll collaborate to turn idea into ARTifact.

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Let glass help you continue celebrating the life of a loved one.


Make the Connection to describe and upload reference materials for the glass ‘inclusion’ or container you imagine and we’ll collaborate to turn idea into ARTifact.