Objects & Sculpture

Practical necessity and utility, as well as personal expression are the inspirations and motivations for the creation of spatial things.

Showing here are hand made, and often ‘hand held,’ samples of Paulson’s purposeful and expressive works, created in collaborations with other artists, craftsmen and clients in pursuit of ˜objective solutions.’ They’ve been designed and constructed with diverse materials in response to an equally broad range of specific functional and creative criteria.

Make the Connection.  Use our Form to describe your needs in detail and upload reference materials for your ‘objective’ requirements and we’ll begin turning idea into ARTifact.

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Prototype Positives & Custom Molds for Casting

Glory Hole Burner Block: Mold and Casting

In Resins, Plaster, Cement & Lightweight Aggregates

Make the Connection to describe and upload reference images and we’ll begin turning idea into ARTifact.