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“We’re each the Center and Creator of the Entire Known Universe and the smallest, least significant particle in at the same time. We’re stardust. We exist to interact, and make something from it.”

Hello! Welcome to the cyberspace home of Secret Fort CollaboratoryTM, known as dot’sNexus.

Thank You for your Creative Curiosity and interest in what’s going on in here.

There’s a lot, but at the core it’s all about one thing. Making Art, for all the reasons and in all the ways individuals and groups make, do, learn, share and have Arts.

We ‘make’ because Nature’s Curiosity and Creativity electrify and spark the spiraling, ladder strands of our DNA.

The Secret Fort CollaboratoryTM, dressed in signage recalling the youthful Adventures Tom and Huck, enthusiastically celebrates Arts’ inventive diversities. Humans’ creativity rises from a place of imaginative innocence, friendship, cooperative exploration and play where limits lay unknown, and possibilities are endless.

In Zen, that place is known as ‘the Beginners Mind.’

The CollaboratoryTM bud, and is gradually growing and blossoming because the webbed world’s compact digital tools have created alternative means, methods and requirements for being a successful contemporary Artist, Creative Services Provider and Arts Educator. dot’sNexus is the prismatic virtual equivalent of a studio workshop, office, gallery, ‘black box stage,’ Library and Collabratorium, our space for exploration and experimental learning.

The Maker’s Adventure is constantly renewing, and doesn’t end until one no longer has time on, or ability in, their hands. Everything’s still working here, so I keep ‘making’ and developing project ideas because it enlivens and fills my days.

I’m looking for people to work with, as well as ‘out-of-house’ projects to work on because
collaborating is more fun, productive, beneficial and ultimately necessary, even when working alone.

Thank you again for stopping by, taking the time to browse the 2D, 3D & 4D ‘shops’ and consider your path to a productive and mutually beneficial interaction.

Yours in Making,


aka Capt. Kirk



Kirk Robert Paulson, BFA, M.AEd


Born actively creative in a nurturing up country Ivy League intellectual, technical and musical environment in the sunrise of the Atomic and Television Ages. Began making objects with wood, tools and ideas at age 5.

Grew up bi-coastal, with left and right brain halves dancing to an inner drummer, in homes paid for by electronic sound, video & data recording and nursing. Learned young to think and draw technically, spatially, and painterly. Came of age and whole creative mind at Rhode Island School of Design while studying Mass Media, Architecture and Art Education.

Took a multi-stranded creative career path through Television Broadcasting and Studio Production that lead to pioneering in the fields of electronic animation, desktop digital imaging and network communications. Took up glassblowing in the mid-90’s as an ‘opposite’ alternative medium of expression.


Kirk Robert Paulson aka Capt. Kirk

Began the new century teaching Art in the classroom after years of professionally applying and explaining the Elements of Art and Principles of Design across a broad spectrum of media, for an equally broad spectrum of clients.

Unwillingly ‘retired’ from college teaching and reduced by the confluence of the ’08/’09 economic flux and my wife’s passing a year earlier. Relocated to California in ’10, and Santa Cruz in ’12, to ‘attend to some unfinished – post ’66 – business’ with the Golden State.

The Secret Fort CollaboratoryTM is a renewing celebration of making, doing, learning, sharing and having Arts to sustain, enliven and improve our lives. I hope to have an opportunity to collaborate with you.

End Transmission / KIRK OUT


Mission Statement

Secret Fort CollaboratoryTM is building an inter-intra-dependent group of Artist/Instructors dedicated to making, teaching, presenting, promoting and marketing Art, Creativity and Artistry, in all its traditional, contemporary and experimental forms.

LHS Art Club Students working on the Robert A. Cormier Mural for Leominster Public Library, Leominster, MA.

The primary goals of the Secret Fort CollaboratoryTM are:
To inspire, develop, support and sustain individual and group creativity through organized productive cooperation.
To become known as a source, a ‘place to go’ in the region for truly unique solutions; designs, prototype products, creative interactions, arts experiences, classes and collectable objects of all kinds.

Secret FortTM intends to serve arts practitioners of all skill and experience levels, as well as the general public’s desire and need for arts awareness, inspirational experiences, basic to advanced arts training, unique affordable artifacts and enjoyable, thought provoking, motivating entertainment.

The operational premise is: People need (to create/experience) more Arts. Secret FortTM will serve this purpose locally and regionally by interacting with, and serving, artists of all descriptions, as well as developing a continuing annual, series of programs, including but not limited to: introductory arts experiences; instructive DIY demonstrations; ‘weekend’ comprehensive as well as lengthier ‘trimester’ progressive series of ‘hands-on’ classes. The Fort’s long-term intent is creating culmination ‘event’ presentations at regular intervals of the works by students, Artist/Instructors and Collaborating Guest Artists.

Secret FortTM intends to produce a variety of special event programs at ‘brick and mortar’ locations, as well as ArtSquadTM ‘road shows’ and surprise presentations in unlikely places.ftjs-poster-qtrsz-sqx

Secret FortTM will extend its offerings to the national and international arts markets through judicious use of the Web’s broad range of capabilities for direct communication, digital commerce, image and information distribution & exchange.

This website’s two-fold functional intent is:
1) To provide direct access to a broad range of employable and direct-able creative skills and experience; And
2) To begin the process of gathering a ‘critical mass’ of talent with a full spectrum of skills and experience in a unique and enriching environment to generate an infectious’ can do energy from their combined potentials.
In doing business as ‘a home of equal eagles’ Secret FortTM serves the nuts and bolts economic needs of the group’s individual contributors, along with actively supporting their work, and directly assisting in each individual’s ‘Created/Directed by’ CollaboratoryTM works.