Collaborators & Co-Conspiritors

Fully functional 54 piece picture puzzle, 8 x 16 FOOT, created as theme signage distributed throughout Telecast Fiber Systems NAB Booth.

Collaboration is Everything!

No thing and no one does ANY thing entirely alone.

This new page has been added as a vault of information providing perspective on our People and Projects, past and present, to review as you consider how to make, do, learn, share or have the ARTifact you came to find. Please excuse the temporary disorder while we move-in, unpack and get things connected in here. 

Founder KRPaulson’s career has spanned 50 years and he has  worked with thousands of people, creatives, clients and students from all parts of the world in that time. Paulson builds his relationships to last, on the basis of saying what he’ll do and doing what he says. The people who have chosen to be listed here are all ‘makers’ of one kind or another. They comprise a sizable portion of the creative skills, experience and ARTifacts the CollaboratoryTM brings together here @dot’sNexus for our interaction with you.

Make the creative connection and begin collaborating to turn your ideas into ARTifact.



Kirk Robert Paulson, M.Ed

Gerard DelMonte

Jim (JJ) Johnson

Alfred diAngelo

David Small

David Addison Small