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Collaboration is Everything. From Atoms to Nations, nothing does anything alone

Creative Collaborations begin with an idea. What’s yours? What do you want or need? What does your life require? We’re here to pay close attention and respond with the intent of turning your idea into ARTifact.

Our simple Contact form is the modern equivalent of the ‘napkin drawing’ done while talking about your idea with a friend at lunch. It’s designed for expression.

Describe your idea, at length if you wish, and/or upload pictures of what you have in mind. Below the ‘fold’ there are a few additional questions you can answer about the relationship you want, your time line and budget that will assist us in understanding the role you want Secret Fort CollaboratoryTM to play in developing and/or producing what you imagine. Your answers set the key criteria for our approach to a solution and production plan.

So let’s get started. Please fill in the form, send it and we’ll get back to you right away. Our goal is to email an acknowledgement of your inquiry within 24 hours to begin the two-way conversation that hopefully leads to a positive outcome and an ongoing relationship.

We love turning ideas into the desired end result and look forward to working with you.


Kirk Robert Paulson, M.AEd.


Secret Fort CollaboratoryTM